Welcome to my world

I’m writing a blog. I’m writing a blog… I’m writing a blog……..

I’m over thinking, over analyzing and scared shitless.

How could I have writers block without being a writer?

A month of procrastination later, here I am. Confused.

So I’m going to start by letting you know what I think my blog is going to be about, and don’t blame me if my mind wanders a million different places at once.

I’d love to think of myself as a little creative, but don’t we all. I can’t draw or paint to save my life, think stick figures.

But then again my forte lies in cooking, pintrest-ing, sarcasm, mood swings, my relationships (in which I invest wholly), drinking and eating.

But most of all what defines me is a 7-year-old, who changed my life the day I heard his shrill cry pierce my brain.

I could do my intro talking about how I’m an economics graduate with an MBA yada yada, but how boring. Also, how generic.

I’d like to think my life experiences have defined and shaped me into the ball of craziness that I am today.

And my insanities, in turn, will shape this blog into the fun space I intend to create.

I have so much to say: from how bad a parent you’re being, to PCOD, to my favorite recipes, to my hilarious adventures, to restaurant reviews, to Bigfoot and Unicorns to my travel adventures!!!

So don’t be judgmental and leave all preconceived notions of reality behind.

Be a little light hearted, ditsy even, lord knows we all need it.

And remember, sometimes the best laugh you have, is at yourself.

Happy reading!!


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