Wait. What? You’re a Jaat??

Oh! The miracle of discovery!

I’m rolling my eyes so hard because G can’t believe I’m a Jaat. I mean if I were a Unicorn, would it be easier to believe?

“Seriously babe, I thought you were a Punjabi or something”, she says, shifting backward ever so slowly.

Ok, if I were to wear a dhoti, and have a lathh, would it be more believable? Or shall I pull a lathh out and whack her so she can come to her senses…..hmmmmm, the jail time wouldn’t be worth it.

“Well, Chaudhery is kind of a generic surname”, I’m gritting my teeth and trying to offer any explanation that will make this topic go away. I’ve already imagined a tight slap.

She doesn’t get it, “Wow, i didn’t know! Imagine!”

Shall I ride away on my magical buffalo now? STOP!!

This also reminds me of Mrs K, of London, who hid it from all her friends that she was a jaat, because how shameful no? No Mrs K, no one should be shy or ashamed for what and who they are.Your identity is your power. Fool.*lightning and thunder follows*

Living in NCR, we are a mish-mash of all cultures and castes. And mine just seems to be viewed with the strangest attitude.


Here’s some clarifications for all those who don’t understand this mystical creature:

Jaats have been farmers traditionally, even known to be warriors. Peasant-warriors. Looters and plunderers, according to some Mughal historians.

Traditionally from the lower Indus valley in Sindh, migrated and now live in Haryana, Punjab, UP, Rajasthan etc

Different from Jat Sikhs, which were thought to have branched off during the migration from Sindh.And definitely have nothing to do with Gujjars.

We actually have a Jaat Regiment in the army, having fought all the major wars.

Our claims to fame include Charan Singh, Ex PM, bet you didn’t even know he existed!! And of course, the very hot Randeep Hooda.


There are so many preconceived notions about our kind, we don’t let our daughters flourish, we’re backwards in every sense, we have the ghoonghat, and of course there’s all that publicity about ‘honour killings’.

I’m not even going to touch the honour killing topic, as I’m not versed enough on the topic to have an opinion.

But I can tell you this, if we were so backward, I would probably be slaving over a choolah somewhere in the hinterland, my Bua wouldn’t be a PHD who lived with her mom post marriage so she could study, my mom wouldn’t have gotten engaged in a rather sexy pair of pants and my nani wouldn’t have broken her cheek bone trying to get to a Jitender movie( how she loved him). Some of my closest friends, who are national level badminton players, moms, authors…..women with a mind of their own *gasp*

We are like any other people, but just more misunderstood, given a bad name because often we find ourselves too frank and too angry.

We were given the stereotype by an MTV-worshipping weirdo who called himself Udham Singh. And boy are we still pissed about that.

We are a hardworking community of farmers, civil servants, lawyers, techies, teachers and all the ‘respectable’ professions.

Also, we are obsessed with height. My mom’s family is obsessed with weight *groan*.

We have a killer sense of humour, but sorry, you don’t get our accent.

The top compartment is sometimes empty, but the heart is clear .

We make some killer good Halwa and chutneys. Life is ghee.

The women are fierce, fearless, and call the shots. Believe me, my nani is a warrior, like Xena.

They are the Great Danes of the human world, basically. Harmless.


So I hope that by spending a few minutes reading this, the next time you meet that Jaat friend of yours, don’t scorn at him. Go with an open mind, ask a few questions. Maybe you get invited to the farm and have dollops of fresh makkhan and mom’s halwa.

Ride the magical buffalo into a sunset.

Peace out.


*These views are mine alone. Would welcome corrections. But no hate. Go do that on your own time.*


6 thoughts on “Wait. What? You’re a Jaat??

  1. Alka Saran

    Well put😊 “Aap Jat ho???!!” has been the lietmotif of our very existence. One small query-why have we started spelling Jat with a aa? To add more weight to our identity?😊 The national anthem and the army would need to follow suit then..


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