What’s in my closet: Makeup

So exhibit A can either be your worst enemy or best friend.
And for my husband and a very dear friend, Sephora is their arch nemesis.
I don't blame them, the poor souls have been made to stand for an hour in my quest for a clear mascara.
Now trips to my beloved Sephora are the butt of all their jokes.

So when a friend told me that I might as well make use of my blog and write about makeup I had tried and tested, so a lot of you out there wouldn't have to, I decided why not?

We all know, it takes a lot of effort to even look like you've made no effort!
Unless of course you're one of those souls blessed with the worlds most perfect blemish free skin……
Still I wouldn't take it for granted girlie! Be careful what you slap into your face and in what order. Else you'll be looking for my list soon!

I never wore makeup till I started working. Usual college getup was a terrible Kajal and chapstick.
And even after I started work, I was pretty terrible at how and what I put on my face, often opting for drugstore brands in place of spending money where it mattered.

Drugstore brands are pretty awesome, and I have my stash of things from them, but for long wear products I tend to steer clear of them, and I know because I've learnt the hard way! Nothing looks uglier than a cheap lipstick caking away midway through date night.

I'm going to give you my list, but no, you may not judge me for everything I own and neither am I asking you to dress up like a tart.
Please use everything at your own discretion, and btw, it never hurt anyone to watch a you tube tutorial(or many) to learn what they are doing.

Sunscreen: The holy grail. Please don't leave home without it! I use Cetaphil. Use whatever, but make sure the SPF is not under 15.

Lotion: I love nice smelling lotions and own ridiculous amounts from hand to foot to body. I love bath and body works and Victoria's Secret equally for their rich lotions.

I am a free spirit in my makeup application and I've learnt what works for me by making some pretty ugly mistakes. But I love certain routines, but your order is your decision!

Primer: I use 2 kinds.

This guy for when I've been treating my skin well, and I just want it to look brightened.

And this guy for when I'm sleep starved and my skin needs some real TLC.
Please don't think you can just slap foundation right into your face without spoiling your skin. Primer makes everything better.

Concealer: For me, there will only ever be one, Mac, because it matches my skin perfectly and is super lightweight.

Foundation/BB cream:

Meet my dream team! The Pixi tint is the lightest water based formula and in my opinion the best BB cream.
L'Oreal infallible is a great drugstore foundation with good coverage and doesn't budge.
Too Faced is great full coverage foundation for longer nights.
And Mac, is water proof( I vouch for that), sweat proof (tested!) and lightweight, longwear awesomeness!

Setting Powder: Again Mac!!

Contouring: I'm still trying to get a hang of it, but it promises to hide your double chin , give you cheekbones and give your face definition.

I use Hourglass, it has nice buildable colour. And Hoola from Benefit for a bronzer on top. And sometimes just Hoola by itself works really well too!

Highlighter: Again, learning by failing( often miserably). So I end up using what's available here, instead of the fancy stuff I would spend dollars on and still look like an idiot.

Both from Benefit, one has a pearly sheen and the other one is matte. Both look super pretty and are no brainers in the application department.

Eyes: I am colossally bad at a cat eye. I don't wear eye shadow, and my brows are whatever, ok? So here's a straightforward lay-man's(or woman's) eye kit. And you're going to thank me for showing you the eyeliner which never fails to give straight lines. Oh, and also the awesomest mascaras!

Mac eye pencil is longwear. Rollerlash is a push up bra for your lashes. Falsies is the prettiest everyday wear mascara. And if there's only one eye product you're going to own? Let it be the eyeliner!

Blush: Jeez! There's so much stuff right?? I mean all this for looking like a no makeup look?
I used Stila as a creme blush and Mac for powder blush for the longest time, till I bought this beauty. Such pretty shimmery colours!

And Finally!! How does all this goop stay put on your face the whole night? ( Sometimes till morning if you've slept with your face on)

Setting Spray!! Doesn't let a thing budge! Tried, tested and loved! The Urban Decay one does what it says, and believe me, nothing budges.

Do your thing, make your own mistakes, watch a LOT of instructional videos and please go to makeup stores to learn how to do what you should be doing! The only idiots are the ones who don't ask!

Now, now, I told you not to judge me!
Save that for after I've done my piece on lipsticks ok?

P.S. None of these brands paid me to say ALL these nice things about them. Imagine!

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