How not to dress to kill: A courtesy guide

I have time on hand, sitting in the endless car journey that's the Delhi commute.

Also, it's Friday evening. And as the weekend approaches, it gets me thinking about going out, getting a little groove back……

And I wouldn't have even thought about it, but I happened to be chatting with my friend,V. And he and I have been contemplating a vlog on people.

Then I start thinking about the people I'm going to hang out with, thankfully a very sane bunch, and the people I'm going to run into. And that winds me up!

Oh my dear dear strangers! How much entertainment can you provide me? From your amazing dress sense to your outlandish makeup. You really have the stylist from hell. And obviously no mirror in the house.

You know what I'm talking about if you've seen the girl with badly coloured orange hair who thinks she can carry off blonde hair because she's oh so fair! And she has that horrible matching orangey red lipstick. Please don't be that girl.

Or the guy who's pulled out his giant horse/H/D&G logos for the evening after pumping 5 kilos at the gym. Skinny jeans and hair with so much gel in them that they're flammable. Please don't be that guy.

But hey! At least we're not the aunty (and I mean it) I saw recently who was wearing a lace top with a giant bra underneath. See through, all the way. And her best friend who looked like a cheetah with water retention. I mean if we have to win wars, we should just send people like that to the borders. The enemy will surrender to the horror.

Which brings me to the newest trend I've been seeing online. Bras as tops. I'm not a prude, and neither do I have the body to be so adventurous, but why must you wear the inside out? I love a cute crop top, and I saw a very nicely dressed woman in a bralet and culottes, so I'm not living under a rock either. But the entire underclothes-as-clothes thing, I don't get it!! What's next, men with shirts and underpants? Superman style?

So what I want to say is, that we are all excited that the weekend is here. We all want to wear our newest acquisitions and prance around. But do the rest of us a favour? Reel it in a bit.

Stylish never equalled outlandish. Specially since you're not Alexander McQueen's muse.

So I'm off on that note! If you're reading this before you head out, you'll have an awesome time people watching. If you read this later, you can think back to all the fun people who've fuelled your 'post party analysis' sessions!

Happy weekend!!

P.S. I might pretend to be cool, but in my head I really am Kate Moss. So if I come across like I'm a know it all, bear with me. And remember, it's just a blog, don't take it to heart. Peace out!!

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