The relevance of God in the new millennium

Before you spit your tea out at me writing on this issue, let me give you a small background…..

I’ve been reading( stop sniggering already!), and my inspiration draws from the series Amish wrote on Shivji.

I’ve not read such brilliant storytelling in a while. He’s managed to make gods human, and relatable, while reminding us of what we always knew. Ok, fan-girling done.

I’ve always been a person of faith. Not the sitting in the temple, fasting, ringing bells and doing havan types, but a deep faith that says “thank you ” pretty much everyday.

I’m not the person who dials God in case of emergencies. I’m surprisingly, for many of you, the person who has a small mandir in her house and insists we all say “hi” to God everyday.

Neither is my faith limited to Hindu Gods. I’ll bow my head at a temple, tie a thread at a mosque, pray at a church and gurudwara with equal reverence. I believe in a supreme power, and the form they take for each one of us is our own call.

As a matter of fact, within my family, we all have managed to find our own form of God, be it in a temple or our work. For me, the supreme force is in everything we do, and in every object we choose to see.

So the gyan and jargon out of the way, what the universe am I even talking about??

In tumultuous times, like now, we find our faith constantly challenged.

We find ourselves increasingly busy to say “hello” and “thank you” for the things we now consider ourselves entitled to. And our success? We earned it ofcourse!!

(But that little thing called luck?

I would like to think of it as the divine hand, helping us along.)

Along the eons, our concept of God and faith has turned into a crude drama of rituals and we have forgotten the core of what each and every religion teaches us.

And if we don’t believe in religion, the little voice inside us leads us down the path.

Discerning right from wrong and good from evil, has been an everyday struggle, not just for us, but for the gods themselves.

What exactly is evil? And if we look at it’s origins, surprisingly, we will find it in good. And I think, that in itself, was the biggest revelation to me.

Somewhere along the way, different becomes difficult for us to accept, and the very acceptance of diversity we prided ourselves upon becomes the rotten core.

And this aspect can be applied across religion, our culture, our nation, our work, how we live our lives, the food we eat, I mean every darn thing! Think about it….

Ok don’t think*sigh*

Let me explain………

Love for food becomes obesity. Sharing turns into coveting. Support into jealousy. Friendship into competition. Religion into fanaticism. Got it??

So in order to find God, I think we need some introspection.

We need to understand our motives.

We need to find out whether we are actually good people, or we have convinced ourselves that some material measure is equated to goodness.

Is the spirit of sacrifice alive in us? Do we actually think we can give without asking for something in return? Or every time we do a good deed we secretly hope God is watching and will reward us?

If we answer honestly to ourselves a few of these questions, I have a feeling, we might set ourselves on a path where we rediscover the relevance of God, or of our faith, in its truest form.

May the force be with you!


As usual, need I constantly remind everyone that these are my views alone? Religion and God is a very touchy topic.

Have another opinion? Go write your own blog…….

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