11 Reasons Why

Our anniversary and little A’s birthday just happen to be on consecutive days. So I thought I’d not let Apar feel that left out by writing a piece for him.

The last piece about him, left little pieces of him everywhere. Now I can’t promise that I will be nice in this one, but heck I’ll try.

We met under curious circumstances, and after a bit, (according to the convenience of our families) were married on a day guaranteed to be celebrated by everyone, all over the world.

But whether that’s a cause for celebration for us…… that’s a whole different and hilarious story in itself.

So here’s my 11 Reasons on why he’s my ZING!

1. He’s my companion, friend, partner in crime, BFF, advice giver, punching bag, basically everything you find in several friends….rolled into one human.

I’m thinking that if I was stranded on an island and I had to take just one person with me, it would be him (And my son, and mom, and dad, and my best friend, come on, even you can’t pick just one person).

2. He tries to be as honest as possible without getting killed. With hilarious results.

“Do you want to wear that black dress?” For instance, is a polite way of saying that you’re looking fat and you might want to change. Lest he be held responsible for my unflattering pictures later. And somehow his goose is cooked anyway.

3. He knows me the best.

Figures, we do spend 24 hours together, more or less. I mean if he still doesn’t know me really really well, he’s in trouble.

(But somehow, he still doesn’t get me flowers even though he knows I love them so much. So now, I just buy them for myself, problem solved. Strong independent woman. Boom.)

4. Telepathy.

Apar and I very often just exchange a glance and we know exactly what the other one is thinking.

It’s usually something hilarious we spot at the same time, or a silent warning exchanged to not push your luck.

I also know when he’s checking out someone and what he’s checked out. Buddy, I have eyes in the back of my head.

5. He pushes all the wrong buttons and yet survives. Like how?????

Like cockroaches surviving a nuclear blast.

A cat with nine lives.

He must’ve done something right, a lot of things right to survive my legendary wrath. But what were those things exactly??

6. He’s such a good dad.

He’s always taken night duty, given little A his night feeds, done diaper duty, school runs, PTMs, shown patience, listened…..like I thought only a mom could.

But he does it all and never complains.

On the flip side, A is his kid too, so saddle up dad!

7. He’s actually good at all relationships.

Ask his oldest friend who actually sat with me all afternoon to figure out if I actually had 11 reasons. (No, seriously, she told me to chill and just give 5 reasons instead. And then we both laughed for a solid 15 minutes.)

Just last night we were addressing his pathological need to keep everyone happy, in all relationships. Seriously, the man doesn’t know the fact that you can’t keep everyone happy. Or can he?

8. He’s taught me a lot.

Actually, I’m as surprised at this as he is!

I’ve become more patient( yes I was even more impatient before this *eye roll*), I’ve changed so much as a person.

And I’ve become a better person.

(And to complete the balance, he’s become worse, and I’m laughing my ass off on that, balance that ya’ll)

9. You get to know what “through thick and thin means”

There are more rainy days than sunny ones. And we’ve had our share of downs. And we came out ok.

But we realised that we came out because we have each other.

And I’m the counsellor in the balcony. I mean I’m going to take the credit on this point. Sorry, but I totally am your anchor etc etc.

10. We are actually frenemies.

We LOVE to hate each other. We mock one another. Fight like 3 year olds. Have fights over the last piece of pizza. The works.

But it’s very convenient to have you best friend and favourite enemy rolled into one.

11. I took an entire month to write this.

I mean I had serious writers block. Forget 11, I couldn’t even come up with 4 reasons. But imagine!! After an entire month of racking my brains and having epiphanies which I would forget by morning, VOILA! I did it!!

If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

All I know is, that I’m lucky I married one of my best friends.

And he struck a gold mine.

*Mic drop* *moonwalks away*

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