The Art Of Giving A Shit

The husband is reading a book called ‘the art of not giving a shit”, or some nonsense like that. Not that I’ve read it, and absolutely no disrespect to an author who wrote something that got published, hit the big time etc, but the title put me off instantly.

If you know me, you know I love everything coated in sarcasm, a few smart alec comments, and peppered with more sarcasm. I love to crack inappropriate jokes, and I try to act cool( so not one of the cool kids automatically). I have also tried most of my life to not give a shit. Tried not to let things get to me.

So, what the hell am I talking about anyway??

There’s a big difference between not letting things get to you, and not giving a shit.

Society today focuses on encouraging individuality, rather than a sense of community.

Narcissism is given more weightage than selflessness.

Me before bonhomie.

Sportspersons before the team.

Individuals above all else. Heck sometimes we have the audacity to equate ourselves with God. *thunderous slap*

I actually spent a large part of last night letting all of this get under my skin. Spent a couple of hours lying in bed thinking what the hell have we become? And what are we even teaching the next generation? Will we be the people who’s only legacy will be the ‘selfie’ ? *GASP*

It’s so much easier to isolate oneself as an individual, professionally and personally, than to realise, and deal, with the fact that you’re actually a part of something bigger.

In lay mans terms, the sun doesn’t shine out of your behind buddy.

It’s easier to let mommy manage relationships, when your 35 year old lazy behind doesn’t want to make phone calls, attend weddings and funerals.

It’s easier to let your team mate take the fall when your presentation goes south, because hey! you did your part!

It’s easier to let someone else take the fall. Period.

And that’s what got me so worried.

We’re a generation of selfish p#$%^s.

I’m sure everyone remembers their grandparents telling tales of how their friends would just land up, and there would still be food for everyone? That there was no concept of locking doors, neighbours could just walk in whenever (I’m not saying get murdered by leaving your door open *sigh*)?

Now we expect that everyone adheres to our schedules, timelines and personal space.

Some vague concepts created by crabby scrooges living on a hillside in timbuktu.

{Someone call my granny to whack some sense into those of you}

So what I mean is, before this is what we teach our kids, and leave billions of individuals on this planet, we really need to make a change.

Pick up the phone and say hi to someone you’ve only been texting (and avoiding). Stop making whatsapp that wall you hide behind to avoid human interaction.

Go to that painful wedding with mom next time (even though relatives will ask you when will you get married/ have a baby/ or are you pregnant: story of my life).

Ring you’re neighbours door, introduce yourself, you just might figure Mehta Uncle has the best stories to tell (or you’ll figure why you avoided him all these years hehe).

Teach your kids what we have all forgotten, leave them a better, happier, nicer world.

WE before ME.

And I’m the change I want to see!!

(Obv Duh! I didn’t give this mid morning sermon for nothing)

Peace Out

(Damnit, that still doesn’t sound cool coming from me!)

{P.S. Thank you Friends and joey for condensing my article into one picture}

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