One is enough. Thanks.

I just read a beautiful article on how being a mom of one doesn’t mean you’re a lesser mom. It doesn’t mean your struggles weren’t real, that you’re enough of a mom.

And as usual, something stirred.

The older I get the happier I feel.

The older I get, the more comfortable I get.

In my life, routine, friends, food habits, every single facet.

Comfortable or fixed, whatever you might want to label it as…… I call it comfortable.

And that also means my motherly pangs are slowly and surely withering away. Becoming less baby crazy, baby steps (haha I made a pun).

Not in that way. I still madly love little A, and I’m going to be alpha mommy to him, crush his little cheeks with kisses, and baby him even when he’s 50. I mean, I’m an awesome mom (despite my moms doubts).

I still adore, and dote, over all the amazing babies I’m surrounded with. I love all their ‘firsts’ I’ve been a part of. The fact that their mums and dads let me be such a big part of their lives. The hugs and the kisses, the cuddles, the babies yet to come *sigh*

Ok, re-focus woman!!

I just slowly have begun to realise that my boat might just have sailed. Little A is 8, he’s easy to handle, a breeze to travel with, and just so big!!

And also I’m really, really done with advice about how it’s not too late.

I’m tired of being afraid of wearing an empire waist dress from fear of someone congratulating me (seriously, why are you so intrigued by my stomach? It’s fat not pregnant).

And no, I do not want to meet your doctor or know about your 3rd cousin becoming miraculously pregnant at 36.

Seriously, cut it out.

(I am really just trying to justify my decision to myself now. Seriously, this is therapeutic venting too.)

Now I’m at a place where I cannot physically and mentally put myself through the processes of another baby. I mean at 35, do I really want to do diaper and bottle duty at 4 am?? I have grown to love my sleep so very much!

(And I know, I know…….. I pushed a lot of people around me into having a second one, into considering and having their first ones also. So I am seriously not being hypocritical!! I still love the chaos and cuddles that come with a ton of kids around me!)

I’m just too far gone into the pillowy comfort of being the mom to a single child, and just too darn old to do it again. Like everyone admits, being pregnant is the easy part.

Soooooooooooo……. thank you, one is enough!!

For now I’m happy to be surrounded by little A’s friends, my nephews and nieces, friends’ babies and babies to come. There’s enough love to go around.

We might look like a nuclear family to you, but for me, my family is humongous!!

{ I’m sharing the link of the article I read, with thanks to the mom who wrote this: }

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