Women Do, Women Don’t

It’s fantastic how little things get under my skin.

And the irritation festers till it comes out in a blog.

Women’s day has come and gone so very many times during my existence, yet till this time, it didn’t annoy the crap out of me.

Heck I even did a women’s day lunch once, and enjoyed it.

But this time around, everyone who said happy women’s day, I wanted to snap their heads off.

Pages and pages of blogs, of text messages, of Facebook posts *ugh* made me want to just explode.

Do you realise that you’re saying “everyday is women’s day” and “we are powerful” and “we are empowered” like we owe someone a clarification? Like it’s a pathetic reminder to people that we are owed rights and equality?

If you’re asking for it, by reminding everyone on Women’s day, that we are also equal citizens and gender equality is actually a thing, you’ve defeated the purpose my dear woman.

We’re sending texts like “I’m not beautiful, I’m strong and successful”, damn people, you got it wrong. We are beautiful and strong and successful. There’s nothing wrong in accepting that we were obviously made the better looking sex. And yet we were given brains to go with it. Take the damn compliment and stop being so defensive.

That’s just one example of the zillions of things I read that annoyed me.

Men and women alike sent a bazillion texts about how amazing their wife, mom, daughter and neighbourhood aunty is. *thunderous slap*

Instead of making this one more greeting card holiday, how about we actually care about women instead?

{I read a few sensible things too, about supporting one another, rallying behind one another, together we are so much more, stuff that was actually positive and empowering.}

We don’t need one day to remind us and everyone around us that we are infact the more powerful, super-taskers, successful, smarter, etc etc sex. We know it, everyone around us knows it, we just need to start owning it.

Support the women around you everyday, don’t just send them a text on some day Hallmark decided. Help them achieve their dreams. Say thank you. Do the laundry. Give them a break. Ask them how their day was. (I hope some men are reading this, so I’m giving a LOT of examples so they have ideas, *sigh*)

And for the women?

Don’t be apologetic, don’t be defensive, don’t be humble damnit. And for heavens sake, don’t be martyrs.

We don’t need Women’s day, we have everyday so we can shine!!!!

P.S. I really don’t need to remind you still that these are ONLY MY opinions…..if you have a counter opinion, write a blog!!

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