A For Adversity

I’ve been MIA for a while.

I think all of us have been off the radar, probably for the first times in our lives. No socialising, no going out, no travel, no workplace, no parties, no nothing!

Damn you coronavirus, 2020 was supposed to be the year when everything changes.

And here we are, sitting in a steaming pile of shit.

And no, I could not have used different words.

As it is 2018 & 2019 were shitty years. Little did we know that the mega bite-in-the-behind had yet to come.

And what a year it’s been so far!!

I’m not going to go goo-goo ga-ga and talk about how great it has been to reconnect with yourself and your family and all that garbage.

I’d rather be at work, and go out for a drink later. With my real friends. And not over zoom.

And I realised mid-rant that I could work better on how I handle bad situations, aka, adversity.

When I didn’t get admission into the college of my choice, I made my parents and myself miserable for months. It was the lack of my ability to deal with an unfavourable situation. And also the start of my unravelling. My utter failure in the face of adversity.

I would turn into a bumbling, helpless pile of nothing, with zero control over my emotions. And the trend carried on embarrassingly into my work life, and well into my 30’s.

But I learnt my lessons. I had great teachers. Very patient family and rock-solid friends.

Coronavirus has made it plenty clear that AQ, or adversity quotient is “the” defining character of the future. Something that’s an essential skill, not an additional one.

The beauty of AQ is that it’s a skill you can build.

You can learn how to overcome adversity through experience, life lessons and a solid set of people by your side.

Adversity is never going to give you a breather. Each wave seems harder than the next. And each obstacle course brings a new set of challenges.

But what you can do, is work on yourself. Toughen yourself up mentally. Have a positive outlook. Have a Plan B, C, D…. And breathe!!

How we deal with adversity is so individual, and our learning curves can be massively different.

Yet the goal remains the same, to overcome. And that we shall.

Cliches as it is, remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

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