40 and so what?!

Past couple of years have been hella weird. Pandemic, personal growth, anxiety attacks and discovery.

But guess what?

I turned 40 recently!

And a lot of what I heard was, “ how do you feel?”

And I got to say, it was like the day before. No epiphanies, no revelations, no new aches and pains. Nada.

I guess I was very excited about my birthday( as I am every year), but I never took the figure seriously. I mean I worked bloody hard to get here, made colossal mistakes, pissed people off, found love, true love, lost some people, gained much more than I lost, was an idiot, and generally have had the most amazing time being around!

What’s to mourn?

I now have 40 years experience under my belt. I have never felt more confident. I’m trying to act a little more grown up, basically trying a little harder to have my shit together. I finally feel body confident and I’m ok with my potbelly, and grown to love my so-called flaws. I feel great damnit!

I was outspoken always, but today I feel unapologetic, I’m happy to change for the better. I know love from infatuation. I have my scars, and I wear them with pride. This time has been many years coming. I’m finally me.

I’m sure 50 will be even better, and with each years I’ll grow, have a little more fun, have a few less shots, but many more meaningful conversations with my closest and dearest.

So the best part about 40?

Well love, the best is yet to come!!

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