Shop or Stop??

“You really don’t need to go shopping for another 5 years…….”

Yet he lived to see another day.

“You’ve taken 4 closets up in the house…”

Yet he lived to see another day.

“Are you serious? You have literally a 100 dresses, and nothing to wear?”

And yet again, he lived to see the next sunrise.

Now either this man has 9 lives or he’s just about on his last life.

He clearly has no idea about his mom’s closet, or has a vision disorder.

As a woman, I’m sure many, many, many of us have heard one version of this inane conversation one time or the other.

If it’s not clothes, it’s bags or shoes.

So here’s my explanation for the poor misguided souls who have absolutely no idea why we need so many clothes!!

1) No one, absolutely no one goes home and discusses what men were wearing. I mean we don’t even notice you on your own wedding. You have a boring wardrobe and it’s hard to distinguish office clothes from smart casuals and formals and occasion wear. Everything is the same.

2) Point one was enough.

As women we need clothes for going to the gym, going to the park, casual lunches, formal lunches, family lunches, casual dinners, formal dinners, family dinners, weddings, night suits, chill at home clothes, I don’t think there are enough categories.

Then the shoes, bags and accessories to complement the above also range from just your wallet to the fancy bag and same for shoes.

Plus we have 4 broad seasons we have to cover.

Ok and let’s be clear, every season has new styles and you need to upgrade your wardrobe. I’m sure you don’t want me to be wearing my straight fit beige pants from 2003. (In retrospect wtf was I even thinking)

Get the drift??

So yes, I’m taking up 4 closets, but two are everyday clothes and casuals. One is western formals. One is jackets. One is Indian formals. Oh, that makes it 5. But I’m not counting. It’s my house, my closets, my rules!

I stopped being apologetic long time ago about my love for “stuff”.

Like I told my mom a few weeks ago, “Ma, if I stopped wanting stuff, how would you constantly be in the market?”

(Side note: Mom still loves me after the statement)

Shopping is therapy, it’s bonding with your partner in crime and it’s fun!

And it’s not as dim witted as it’s made to sound. Done right, it’s a sport.

And honey, I’m an Olympian!!

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