8 Reasons Why

Little A’s birthday is right around the corner, and I’m feeling that warm fuzzy feeling. I’m having flashbacks about the first time I heard his heartbeat, the first time I held him, his first words, and so many more memories are coming flooding back.

So I thought I’m going to do an “8 reasons why” piece, so I can share some of my most favourite parenting experiences and adventures over our 8 years together.

Being a parent is like being an octopus with all 8 hands occupied, and wishing you had a few more hands. Also, wishing the day had 36 hours, so you can actually manage 8 hours of sleep ( I’m not included in this, little A and his dad tip toe around me every morning because I’m a monster if my sleep is disturbed).

Little A and I have been on some fantastic adventures. And here’s my reason why everyone needs a ‘mini me’…..

1. You’ve never known love before you met your child.

When I first held the angry red potato, that was my newborn, I knew the reason I existed.

The only true love that exists is between a parent and a child, because it’s truly a selfless type of love. You realise you can jump blindfolded, off a plane, into a pool of sharks, if that’s what it takes for your child.

It’s when you watch them sleep at night and promise to fix the world for them, so tomorrow is better.

2. You get to be a kid all over again.

All the things we have forgotten, the little joys, we can feel them all over again. The joy of playing in rain, flying paper planes off a balcony, the excitement of birthday presents, and even the not nice parts like homework and heart break.

It’s revisiting our childhood, living another life again. Magic.

3. Innocence.

Yup, just one word. In a world where that’s what we lose the first, their honest, innocent and straightforward perspective on things is such a breath of fresh air.

Such a simple and uncomplicated approach to life.

4. You will never need honesty again.

Mumma, maybe you should buy the sauna slim belt for your fat stomach…….*boing* *boing*

Yes love, you lived in it, so stop insulting it. %*#^<<

Enough said.

5. Did I mention you have a BFF?

I honestly have a perfect shopping partner, (seriously little A loves shopping more than me). I have a lunch date. A travel companion. Movie buddy. Oh, and lavish with compliments too!

Basically he’s putting the husband out of a job.

6. Comic relief

Did you hear the one about when little A said his favourite food was underwears?

Or wait, when he insisted that a bra is actually a hat, and paraded around the house with one on his head?

Or the one when he ate so much that he became “food-bombed” and needed to be carried to the car? Milkshake in hand…

They are a riot!

7. They make you appreciate everything.

From ice cream to bugs. Rainbows to poop.

Everything is new, every day is an adventure of discovery. And everything is met with wide eyed wonder.

Like I said before, everything is magic.

8. They complete you.

I rubbished that before I had my minion.

Seriously, they have this way of bringing together the whole family, with just one little pout or fake tear just sitting on their chubby cheeks.

You turn from a couple to a family.

And you wonder how you ever functioned without a third wheel.

I mean what exactly was the pleasure of having a shower without having someone break down the door? Or a phone call without a “mommyyyyyyy I need to poop”? Or a vacation without vomiting at every airport you’ve been to?

But seriously, not 8, but I could list 800 reasons why little A is the best thing that ever happened to me.

And despite the really tough times, sleepless nights, throw ups ,boo boos and yelling, I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Happy Birthday little A!!

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